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Bobo is saving polar bears as climate change is melting their home. Help Bobo!

Bobo teaches kids an important lesson on good energy habits. It's a fun way to learn about energy consumption while saving polar bears. Bobo helps your family to save money on electricity bills too.


RED - above average, Bobo is sad;

BLUE - your average, Bobo is encouraging

WHITE - below average - saving mode, Bobo is happy

Bobo continuously learning your consumption patterns. He visualizes your current electricity consumption through the colors:

Simply clip smart sensor over one of the cables which goes from your electricity meter. It includes transmitter which sends electricity data to polar bear energy display.

Bobo system consist of the Product - polar bear energy display, physical device (15cm) you see here, Bobo Story Book and Bobo Web App below.

Product, polar bear energy display, imitate the polar bear your family adopt and looking after.

Bobo have the powers to see your electricity consumption and shows it through the colors in the Product and emotions in the Web App. Product is connected to the Web App through the WiFi in your home.

Bobo story

Bobo comes together with a Storybook for children. The book will tell you Bobos story and explain his journey from the North Pole. It narrates the story of how Bobo gained his superpowers when he was struck by lightning as a little cub. Ever since then he is wearing a talisman in form of a flash.

The book makes kids aware about the progressive meltdown of the ice in the Arctic and the reasons behind it. Bobo dedicated his life to make a change and make sure that polar bears surive. Bobo teaches children on ecological behavior and explains what they can do to help saving the polar bears.

The book will end with Bobo reaching the land with the house where your family lives. He will ask you to help him save the polar bears by saving energy. He will teach and show kids what they can do to make a change.

Bobo StoryBook
Bobo Web App, Leaning platform for whole family

Bobo club

In Bobo Web App, your family will learn how to use electricity wisely through the series of lessons and advises from Bobo. You will be able to see your electricity consumption, how much ice is saved, and temperature in real time. It will provide you statistics, so you can track your actions over time.

Bobo Club compares your efforts against approved friends and districts average.

The Web App is accessible from PC, tablet or mobile

Help Bobo save polar bears

Bobo product is in the development stage, and we need your help to make Bobo real. Pre-order Bobo right now for the healthy future for your children.

Be the first to know when Bobo is available for sale.

There is not a lot of polar bears left in the World. Don't wait until they disappear.
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Help Bobo save the polar bears! We believe in you! You are a saver in your heart.

Become one of the families helping Bobo and see how it changes your life. Bobo will not only save your family money but imagine what impact it will have on your children, and their families!

What others say:
"I think it is a easy, nice and humoristic way to remind us about something we tend to forget." Monica, mother of three.
"We can’t wait to get our polar bear, kids are excited." Cathrine, mother of two
"My boy is exited to help Bobo." John, father of a boy.

They already adopted polar bear. Don't your kids want to be hearoes? Reserve Now!